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Products and services

Purchase of wind turbines, a wind farm or other renewable energy projects.


Eko Energija is a renewable energy consultant providing:

  • Environmental Impact Assessment
  • Project management
  • Ecology
  • Ornithology
  • Noise assessment
  • Visualizations
  • Planning
  • Due diligence
  • Resource assessment
  • Feasibility studies
  • Wind farm site locating and assesment

Our services include:

  • Wind farm due diligence
  • Environmental Impact Assessment (including project management, noise assessment, visualizations, etc)
  • Renewable energy resource appraisals and feasibility studies
  • Pre-acquisition advise related to the purchase of new or used wind turbines
  • Sales and trade of used, reconditioned or new wind turbines

Repowering of existing wind farms

Why repowering a wind farm?

Repowering, the replacement of first-generation wind turbines with modern multi-megawatt wind turbines, is just getting started. Many factors speak in favor of repowering an existing wind farm:

  • More energy production at the same surface area: Energy generation is multiplied without the need for additional land.
  • Less wind turbines: The number of turbines is reduced thus lowering the cost for infrastructure etc.
  • Lower operational costs: Modern turbines are more reliable and make better use of available wind energy. The cost of production is significantly lower.
  • Appearance: Modern turbines rotate at a much lower speed and are thus more visually pleasing than older, fast rotating turbines.
  • Increased grid integration: Modern turbines offer much better grid integration since they use a connection method similar to conventional power plants.

Dismantling, erection and installation of wind farms

Dismantling wind turbines and/or wind farms

Eko Energija have a specialized team for dismantling of wind turbines and wind farms. This team works worldwide on a short notice and has experience in over 80 different types of wind turbines. Our activities cover:

  • Electrical and physical dismantling of wind turbines
  • All logistics related to worldwide transporting of the dismantled wind turbines
  • Sales of the dismantled wind turbines
  • Reconditioning or refurbishing of the dismantled wind turbines

Dismantling phase

  1. Dismantling teams
  2. Crane capacity
  3. Logistic planning, transport and transport equipment
  4. Sale of the dismantled turbines used or reconditioned

Installation phase

  1. Erection and installation teams
  2. Crane capacity
  3. Logistic planning, transport and transport equipment
  4. Commissioning teams

Our staff has 9 years of experience in organizing and supervising international projects. Our activities are, amongst others:

  • Economical calculations for the exploitation
  • Consultancy related to the selection of specific turbines for your site
  • Meteorological studies including wind speed assessments
  • Design and calculations for foundations
  • Providing all required documentation ea permits, PPA etc.
  • Preparing and organizing all logistic and transport services
  • Erecting, installing, commissioning and maintaining wind turbines
  • Provide insurance, warranty and a scope of maintenance contracts

Inspection of wind turbines and wind farms


  • Audits of suppliers of wind turbines
  • End of construction inspections
  • End of warranty inspections
  • Inspections during the life cycle of the wind turbines
  • Advice on preventive maintenance
  • Pre-acquisition inspections of used wind turbines

With our inspections we ensure a reliable operation of your wind turbine or wind farm and a cost effective solution for evaluation of your wind turbine or wind farm. With over 100 inspections per year our staff has broad experience in all types of wind turbines in the range from 80KW up till 3.000KW. Our inspections clearly predict future costs and thus ensuring the most economical solution for ongoing operation of your wind turbine or wind farm.


With our in-house logistics department we provide a complete logistic chain for our customers. We cover the following services:

  • Transport services from manufacturer to the site
  • Land transport,
  • Shipping,
  • Customs handling and forwarding
  • Crane rental,
  • Erection and construction services,
  • Full logistic project management...

Our scope of services comprises the following activities:

  • Expert advises for the most economic transport and lifting methods.
  • Route and site access surveys
  • Contractor screening and selecting
  • Support services on logistic quotes
  • Specialized lifting services
  • Heavy lift crane rental
  • Construction and rigging teams
  • Serving the wind energy industry, we offer a one stop shop with solutions from manufacturer through to successful operation of the wind turbine or wind farm.